Karan Jaiswani

1st rank in the school for SCIENCE OLYMPIAD 2009

A student karan jaiswani of st.thomas sr.sec.school, Mandsaur went for the competition at malaysia on 23/11/2008 of UCMAS INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION MALAYSIA and scored 25th position worldwide.

FACED MUMBAI TERROR ATTACKS 26/11- He came from malaysia after his exam and went to CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI TERMINUS station actually he missed his train there, and planned to leave station, he left station, and when he was right to the taxi out of station, he had heard the sounds of bullets, and some how ran how from there its because of god's grace he was saved.

SCIENCE OLYMPIAD 2009-He appered for science olympiad and scored the glorious 1st rank in the school as well as in the town,with 96.15 ercentile score. He scored first rank in the class.

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